Update and a Few Prospects

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted anything. There are two principle reasons for the delay. One, many of the investment prospects in the global equity markets have been less than compelling…..and two, my family and I have been insanely busy. Too busy in fact, for my liking. Below, I’ll address the portfolios……but first I’ll give an update on what’s been going on. Continue reading

Retirement Double Dippers and a FREE Buffett e-Book

The last few days have been busy but good. As you’ll see from the photo below I am finally getting back to the bathroom remodeling project. Additionally, my wife took on some extra work the past two weekends, which will help our income this month. The weather has been fantastic lately. (November and March are my favorite months in Florida.) We are planning to plant some blueberry bushes around the house and the winter garden is growing nicely. Our son continues to grow and hit new milestones, with breakneck speed. Twice he has said “Dadda” when he reached up for me to pick him up, but I’m not sure at 7 months he understands what that means. (Sorry no new pictures to share.) Continue reading

Deep Value Purchase and a New Frugal Find

Is anyone else in shock that it’s November already?! While October was fun, it was a very busy month. Work continues to get better and better, and I should have some big news to share on that front very soon. We took our 7 month old camping for the first time. He had a great time and slept like a rock, although I learned riding out squalls on the beach in a tent is a lot less worrisome without an infant sleeping beside me. What can I say, I worry. I must be a parent. Of course my wife HAD to dress him up as something for Halloween. Sure, why not a pumpkin :) Continue reading