Will You Encourage Your Kids to Attend College?!

A discussion about our son and college came up this week. I know it’s a little premature, he is 6 months old after all, but shoot me…..I like to think ahead. Actually, the conversation was prompted by a very generous offer from our family to help fund his college education. My parents and grandparents had purchased a prepaid college contract for me, when I was very young. I didn’t end up needing it, but I was grateful because the contract paid a certain amount for each credit hour of college I completed. I was lucky enough to have a boat load of scholarships, but the extra revenue helped pay for other expenses like meals and auto insurance. Continue reading

One Thing America Really Has Going For It!

A few days ago the Financial Integrator published a post discussing the potential of a stock market crash and the ways he mitigates those risks. Featured in the discussion, was a prediction of “perma-bear” Harry Dent. Dent along with other “perma-bears” like Marc Faber, love to gather attention for themselves by making outlandishly negative predictions for global stock markets. I’m not saying they are wrong, and like a broken clock I’m sure they will be right now and again, but I am saying they seem to revel in the attention their predictions garner. This post isn’t about the psyche of traders however, its about one very particular economic risk that looms large over much of the developed world. Continue reading