Out of Action

Walking Away

Well there I go again. Out of action. We are finally settled into the apartment, and starting to find our routine. One of my “Walk and Talk” campaigns began to bear fruit, when we found what appeared to be an acceptable house in our desired neighborhood. The deal on the house was progressing nicely, and we had negotiated mutually beneficial terms for the house sale. The deposit, sales price, and closing date all looked great. The sellers asked me to draw up a contract, because they weren’t using a realtor. I used one of the two acceptable FAR-BAR contracts, asked an attorney friend to review it for any obvious pitfalls and sent it to the sellers for comment. They they said they wanted to send it to their attorney for his review. That was the beginning of the end. I can only assume this attorney was not a real estate attorney, because he killed the deal. Just flat killed it. Continue reading

Update-Life and Investing


I can’t believe another week is gone, but at least we feel good about what we have accomplished. One of our top priorities has been to complete all those annoying little things that need to be done as part of the recent move. Updating drivers licenses, car registrations, changing mailing addresses with many different parties. All those little tasks take time. Fortunately, we have now completed almost all of them.

Cross2One of the best things about our current lifestyle is the flexibility. Mrs. IS can adjust her schedule when I need to work, while the Little Man and I can volunteer…..go to parks….visit friends/family…..etc….the rest of the time. Last week was also the start of the Lenten season at church, which means I needed to complete a few tasks before the church services changed format for the new season. In total, I probably spent 15 hours at church or on church related projects. In this case I build the wooden cross you see in the pictures, with a friend. (I will definitely get a nice compound miter saw before I take on that project again.) I also built the associated kneelers, for members who wanted to pray around the cross and light candles. While I enjoy volunteering at church, I do not find it nearly as rewarding as volunteering in the community. For me, I think the difference is people. Typically when I am volunteering at church, I am working with at most one other person. When I volunteer in the community, I am often working with a group of up to a dozen other people. I am a very social person, and really enjoy interacting with the other folks. I also really enjoy building things and getting my hands dirty. Seeing a project I’ve completed and built, always feels satisfying. Continue reading

Very Busy Update

Whew, what a week. Over the last few weeks I’ve mentioned that things have been a bit hectic…..and we’ve been very busy. First off, we sold our house last week…..and signed a short term apartment lease. While we are paying more on a monthly basis, the move freed up the capital that we had in our house as equity. Additionally, since only Mrs. IS has a traditional job…..and it doesn’t pay particularly well……we weren’t a good candidate to be approved for a mortgage on a new home while we still lived in our other home. The biggest reason for our move is to be closer to Mrs. IS’s dream job, where she is a community leader and organizer. It is interesting to me that we are considered risky borrowers despite the fact that we would be putting 20%-30% down on a new house and have zero debt (outside of the new mortgage). I suppose that’s just the face of lending in a post 2008/2009 world. Continue reading