A Rant and a Change

LunchIt has been a slow but satisfying week around our house, but I’d like to talk about a change coming to the blog. Most readers know that Mrs. IS and I are passionate about learning, and I am a voracious reader. One of the ways that I think we can bring added value to our readers, is to include links at the bottom of each post to articles we found particularly intriguing. While we read/research a ton of different topics, we’ll keep these links to articles that pertain to business/finance or real estate. Today’s post is the first featuring this new approach, and we look forward to your feedback in the coming months.

We haven’t made any interesting stock trades this week, but I expect one will materialize in the next two or three days. Last week’s trends in the dollar and precious metal space appear to be reversing, and I expect we will hit our limit order price in a few days. What I’d really like, is to have long term investment opportunities present themselves……but those seem as elusive as ever. No worries, we’ll continue to be patient. Continue reading

The Redo

Well we certainly live in interesting times, at least in the US. I suppose Brazilian citizens would say the same, as that country has yet another political crisis brewing. Who knows what will happen him the future, either politically or economically. What we can do is stick to our game plans and keep allocating capital in ways that will help us reach our own long term goals. For Ms. IS and I, lately that has meant conducting a few swing trades….while keeping most of our capital available for long term purchases. Continue reading

5 Changes in Flexible Independence

It’s been a year since Mrs IS and I jumped off the deep end, into this thing called Flexible Independence. It has been an amusing and wild ride so far. We traveled for several months last year, and had a great time. We couldn’t afford to do so continuously, at least not with a margin of safety in the form of regular and consistent savings. In order for any lifestyle to feel sustainable to us, we need to regularly and consistently be saving for a rainy day. Rainy days come up for sure, and it’s good to have the resources to address them without being forced to sell your assets. Continue reading