When You’re Mad as Hell……

If you’ve never been there, consider yourself one of the blessed few. That point at which your job goes beyond just being mundane and painful, and becomes caustic and unhealthy. Two of my past jobs devolved to the point that they met this criteria. In one case I was one of a few remaining employees, after 80% of my coworkers had been laid off. The owners weren’t happy because the firm was losing money. The employees weren’t happy because we had taken pay cuts in order to sit around and be bored. It was a horribly demoralizing situation. Continue reading

An Update and a NEW BUY


Oh what a week. I know I’ve been scarce around the Blogga-sphere for the last few weeks, but I promise my preoccupation will end soon. (Those of you that reached out to me over the past weeks, thank you…….I am still alive.) As I mentioned in a recent post called Time and Money, time is at a real premium. I have several home repairs going on at the moment That fact, coupled with my wife’s part time work, and how I waste my best energy at my day job, have led me to neglect this blog. A mistake for sure. Fortunately, as it always does, our investments kept working hard for us. We received $324 in dividends this week from Coca-Cola (KO) and Vanguard’s Emerging Market’s Index (VWO). These have been long term investments, which are each key components in our portfolio. The day will come when our average monthly dividend income will exceed $2,000, but that will be a long way off because dividend investments are only a small portion of our total assets. Still, it’s great to see the passive stream growing.

John-Laundry Continue reading

Why we Hedge (or Diversify) Our Portfolio With Commodities

Commodities, as a whole, have been absolutely decimated over the past 3 or 4 years. No, I take that back. The ancient Roman use of the word decimated would imply that the value had only fallen around 10%. Perhaps destroyed, crushed, obliterated……. would be more appropriate. As usually happens, high commodity prices encouraged producers to bring additional supply to market…..which put pressure on prices. Couple with that a stronger US Dollar and slowing global growth, and you have all the makings of a price collapse. Continue reading