The Dream House Concept

It seems incredible now, but we’ve been back from our trip for almost 3 weeks. It was a great trip, but Mrs. IS made a comment, upon our return, that really struck me. She said, “you know I didn’t miss any of the stuff in our house while we were gone”. I responded that I didn’t miss any of it either, which probably didn’t surprise her….because I’ve been slowly getting rid of stuff for years. This led to an interesting conversation about what we’ll want in a house when we move next, and how big is big enough for us. Continue reading

Vasco Data Security International (VDSI)

We are back from our nearly 10 week roadtrip, and despite the fact that I am jotting down ideas for our next big adventure, things are slowly returning to normal around our household. Click HERE if you’d like to read my final thoughts on our trip. Mrs IS and the Little Man have recovered from being pretty darn sick. I’m catching up on the back log of issues that come with leaving “normal” life for months. Among those is catching up on the back log of posts that need to be written and published.

Last month I wrote a post discussing the transition taking place in our portfolio, and why I was somewhat bearish on most global equity markets. I remain somewhat bearish on the broad markets. Over the past four months I have been selling out of many of our individual stocks, and raising the cash that will be redeployed into individual long term holdings and a couple Vanguard passive ETFs. Why haven’t we already redeployed that money? Why are we stock piling cash? To put it simply, most paper assets look remarkably expensive to me. This is obviously just my opinion, but I’m partial to it…….as you’d imagine! With equity markets near record highs, and so many indicators looking so poorly, we have no problem waiting for better opportunities. When deploying capital, that is basically our approach. I do my research, and establish the prices I am willing to pay for assets, discuss the investment with Mrs IS, and wait for the prevailing market price to reach those levels. Sometimes it can take a long time to get to the price I feel comfortable with….but we strike when it does. Like when we put $12,500 to work in the late January sell off. Amusingly, we have had far more transactions in 2016….. than in any of the last several years. As you can imagine from my statements above….the vast majority of those transactions were taking profits. I expect this activity to subside once our portfolio transition is complete. (If you’re interested in receiving email notifications about our transactions before they actually happen, fill out the subscriber box on the right side of this page.) Continue reading

Here’s Why We Blog…..and Who We Use

Below is the what, why, and who from a new tab added at the top of this page.  A few readers have contacted us and asked these questions…..and we wanted to answer them for all readers.  If you have followup questions, feel free to comment or email.  We hope you have a great weekend!

The two things I hear most frequently from readers are are some variation of: 1) “How do you travel so much with a toddler?”, and 2) “Thank you, I really enjoy your blog. Why do you do it when you have so much going on? “

The first question is tough to explain, but the second question is an easy one. This site is the confluence of three of my passions. Writing, investing and traveling. This site is one of the few places they all fit neatly together. When someone asks why I bother to write a blog, I think WHY NOT?! Through this blog I hold myself accountable for investment decisions, met dozens of smart investors, and made thousands of dollars in extra income. Frankly, what’s not to love! Continue reading