The Storm

Uprooted  Trees

Uprooted Trees

Where has the past week gone?! It was a wild week, but it turned out pretty well in the Tampa Bay area. Certainly, much better than it could have. The flood prone areas are still flooded, and the coastal areas lost a ton of trees….but this storm really threaded the needle. We evacuated over to Tampa, because the 40 year old….termite infested…..stick built….apartment we rent is no place to ride out a storm. Due to weak steering currents, the storm’s path shifted all over the state. Initially it was to hit Miami and then come up through the middle of the state. Then it was to hit Naples/Marco Island, and come up the west coast. Then it was to come ashore around Tampa/St Pete as a Cat 4. Did it do any of those things…, kinda….maybe. Ultimately it came ashore down around Marco and went up the middle of the state, before hooking west. (It’s a good thing that meteorologists aren’t required to be correct!). Continue reading

Houses, Hurricanes, and Bull*hit


This week has been so crazy busy that I’m really glad I wasn’t trying to work a normal job. Then again, I’m always glad we don’t work “normal” jobs…..but the last few days have been just nuts. Leading the charge has been hurricane Irma. It is a large and powerful storm…..heading for south Florida…….but it isn’t expected to make land fall until Sunday morning. Would you believe that people started panicking on Monday. A full week before the storm. The panicking was so bad, and by which I mean the hoarding, that Walmart suspended it’s “order online pickup instore” feature. The company further said that on Tuesday and Wednesday they had leased 1,500 additional trucks, in order to ship goods to Florida from as far away as Las Vegas. Keep in mind that these are extra trucks…..on top of their normal distribution networks. (Personally I’m expecting a great top line number this quarter from them. You gotta sell while the customers are buying!). Continue reading

Review-Dividend Stocks Rock

I am not a big fan of investment products and services. Typically I struggle to see the value in them, and I prefer to do my own research anyway. Throw in there the plethora of free services/resources/websites currently available, and I would be hard pressed to name a fee based service that I would recommend. That being said, if you are focused on long term dividend investing and use fee based resources, you may want to give Dividend Stocks Rock a shot. (I should point out that we are not being paid/compensated in any way for this review.) Continue reading