What to make of the Tesla-SolarCity deal?

Courtesy of Tesla

Courtesy of Tesla

The financial media, and (to a lesser extent) the blog-o-sphere, has been all abuzz since the potential Tesla-SolarCity deal was proposed on Tuesday. The deal is far more interesting than the possible (though highly improbable) exit of Britian from the European Union, I have some thoughts I would like to share. As an investor, I spend a great deal of time thinking about business models. They can make or break an investment, and the business that underlies that investment. Continue reading

Beach Escape Weekend

The U.K. will leave the European Union! The U.K. will vote to remain in the European Union! Yes they will. No they won’t. The financial media has been arguing back and forth about this topic for a few weeks. Global equity markets are down one day on the uncertainty, only to rise the following day as the “fears of a British exit ease”. What the heck does that mean anyway! Fears didn’t materialize or ease until something actually happens. The vote hasn’t taken place, and personally I don’t think engaging in this debate is a worthwhile use of our time. If we are going to do anything constructive with global equity markets, it is researching individual companies while trying to hunt down the best companies. We have been spending most of our investing time reading, researching, and waiting, lately. Our part of Florida has been so hot this past week, that we thought we might want to wait out the markets somewhere a little bit cooler. So we went to beach for the weekend. (A new investing post will be published later this week.) Continue reading

Why We Usually Travel Slowly

It has been four months since I left my day job, and it’s been a lot of fun. I haven’t been as productive as I would like to be, but we’re working on that. I am a firm believe in Parkinson’s Law, you know the old saying that it takes you as long to complete a task……as the time you have available. For instance, when I had a day job, I could write out a blog post in an hour or two of concentrated effort. More recently, because I have fewer constraints on my time, it can take me a whole morning to complete the same task. I get distracted by my son wanting to play, or helping my wife with something, or more often than not……reading some interesting article on the internet. Haha. Continue reading