What a Day!

Wow, Monday was a heck of a day. I considered taking a couple hours off work in order to savor the market turmoil, but ultimately decided it would be overblown………. and went to work. The futures market was a couple percent lower before the open, but I wasn’t expecting anything so magnificent. Before I left for the office, I put in a few “lowball” offers…..of which only one was filled. Below is a compilation of our activity over the past few trading days. Continue reading

Sunny Florida

Well it’s not always sunny down in here in Florida.  In fact this year we have been having an inordinate amount of rain.  Last month we actually had 32 inches of rain in a two week period.  Considering that’s more rain than we typically have total between August and December, it certainly caused some problems.  A couple hundred houses were flooded and a couple thousand people were displaced.  Fortunately, we’ve dried out over the last few weeks.  Now I’m just waiting for the oppressive heat to subside and our lovely fall weather to kick in. Continue reading


We have a bifurcated portfolio, split between deep value and dividend grow investments. The deep value investments have been a little fewer and further between lately, although I did finally have one go against us. It’s not my favorite milestone, but it was bound to happen eventually. When ever we are going to buy or sell an investment, we always send out an email to our readers. We then follow it up with a blog post a couple days later. Continue reading