Capital Appreciation or Cash Flow

maineAs the saying goes, there are plenty of ways to skin a cat. There are also plenty of different ways to pursue about any objective, including financial independence/freedom. This post is to discuss two of the more general approaches, and some of the reasons why practitioners follow these routes. Mrs. IS and I have employed a hybrid model historically, but in 2016 have sold off many of our longer term dividend plays. Continue reading


First Entrepreneur by Edward Lengel

Regular readers of the Income Surfer blog know that I am a voracious reader. I complete three or four books most weeks, and when I read a great book……I love to share my review. Well last week I finished a truly outstanding book. First Entrepreneur by Edward Lengel is a great read, and a timely one for our modern times. You may wonder why this history is relevant 200+ years later? I’ll get to that in a second. In essence, Mr Lengel has written a biography of George Washington’s financial life……as well as how he shaped the new republic financially. It was a very exciting read, and one which I thoroughly enjoyed. Continue reading


Flexible Independence Update

Back from our latest trip, we are finally getting in the swing of things. While I miss the open road, especially since two contributors from my Travel Site are in Maine and Scotland right now, I think it’s probably good we are cooling our jets right now. (Pictures in this post are from Maine.) The Little Man is getting adjusted to attending a few hours per week of preschool, but there were some definite tears the first few days. (As an only child, we decided to socialize him for 6 hours per week.) Mrs. IS is getting settled into her new opportunity, and in my opinion she’s doing phenomenally. Feedback has been stellar as well. I wish she was working 20 hours per week instead of 45, but her schedule is very flexible and she loves her work. She can also work from home a good chunk of that time if she wants. Really, who can ask for more than a flexible schedule and working on projects that are both inspiring and fulfilling?! Isn’t that why we chased Flexible Independence in the first place?

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