My name is Bryan.  I am the 30 something founder of IncomeSurfer.com.  If you are curious about the name’s origin, read this early post.  I am a former engineer who enjoys spending time with friends/family, writing, researching investments, traveling, and helping people follow their passions.  I am fortunate enough to be married to a wonderful woman and our first child was born in the Spring of 2014.

Let me back up a minute and share my story.  I was an active kid with a ton of interests.  I spent most of my time outdoors, and much of it on the water, when I was young.  I fished, surfed, water skied and camped almost constantly.  I also played soccer for 17 years.  With a naturally inquisitive mind I spent a great deal of time reading or taking things apart to see how they worked.  My parents were always very supportive, even when I embarrassed them by bombarding strangers with questions.  Yeah, I was a bit like Dennis the Menace.  My hair was even platinum blonde.


I got good grades in school and by high school I began to narrow down my career paths. Engineering was strongly suggested because of my math skills and inquisitive nature.  I also thought about marine biology because of my love of the sea, though ultimately my practical side noted that it was too many years of school to chase too few jobs.  I also was told I had a natural affinity for business and investing.  I would have gone this route, but I almost liked it too much.  I feared the unbalanced life of a work-a-holic.  Ultimately, I chose engineering and graduated after 4 short years of college.

Once out in the real world I took a job at a consulting firm.  I sat behind a desk and quickly directed a design team.  I was frequently bored and forever getting dirty looks from my bosses for asking their clients about their client’s businesses.  I didn’t want to steal their clients, I wanted to know about the clients’ business models, margins, and customer base. Needless to say those years were exciting and at the same time boring.  I looked around my office and saw people that were miserable.  They made good money, but rarely saw their families.  Worst of all they deluded themselves that they were working these jobs because they “had to for their families”.

My wife and I sought a better way.  We saved and invested, which I really enjoyed anyway, and now we’re working on getting out of the rat race.  Volunteering, raising our family, traveling….generally living a sustainable life.  This blog takes off when I decided to leave the consulting world.  Want to come along for the ride?  Enter your name and email address on sign up form (on the right side of this page) to receive email notification of all posts and buy/sell transactions. Portfolio transactions are sent to email subscribers before they occur, but they are not usually mentioned on the site.  It’s just a little way we add transparency to our regular readers.



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