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Very Busy Update

Whew, what a week. Over the last few weeks I’ve mentioned that things have been a bit hectic…..and we’ve been very busy. First off, we sold our house last week…..and signed a short term apartment lease. While we are paying more on a monthly basis, the move freed up the capital that we had in our house as equity. Additionally, since only Mrs. IS has a traditional job…..and it doesn’t pay particularly well……we weren’t a good candidate to be approved for a mortgage on a new home while we still lived in our other home. The biggest reason for our move is to be closer to Mrs. IS’s dream job, where she is a community leader and organizer. It is interesting to me that we are considered risky borrowers despite the fact that we would be putting 20%-30% down on a new house and have zero debt (outside of the new mortgage). I suppose that’s just the face of lending in a post 2008/2009 world. Continue reading

2 Year Chart of DBA, courtesy of Yahoo Finance

Pivot: Rethinking our Exposure to Agricultural Commodities

While it may feel like the IS family fell off the planet, we are actually alive and well. Insanely and unnecessarily busy, but well. The posts have been sparse over the last couple months, and my blogging motivation has been low, but we are doing well. In the near future I’ll write an update about what we’ve been doing, and what’s next, but today’s post is really about just one thing. My latest mistake :) So long as we are alive, we will continue to make mistakes. (Sure beats the alternative, right?!) Well we’ve been directly exposed to agricultural commodities for a couple years now, and I am rethinking the logic behind it. Continue reading


2017- An Eye to The Future

It is 2017, and we are cautiously optimistic about the new year. The last few weeks were full of Christmas preparations and a trip to visit family out of state. While this winter has been unseasonably warm in Florida, with temperatures rising into the 80s Fahrenheit most afternoons, I was shocked to notice that the temperature was consistently above 50 degrees Fahrenheit on our recent trip to the Midwest. I hope this doesn’t mean we are in for a whole summer of hot and dry weather……. Continue reading