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Unlocking Value in Time and Real Estate

IMG_2948It has been 19 months since I said goodbye to traditional employment. Since that time we have taken two amazing roadtrips, and get to spend far more time as a family. We also have learned a ton about ourselves as a result of the transition. Now that the weather is turning a bit more pleasant, we start or end most days with a family trip to a park. Usually, the Little Man plays on a playground until it is time to watch the sunset. Some days, if the weather is particularly nice…..we’ll take the Little Man to preschool and then Mrs. IS and I will go for a long walk along the waterfront, or take a picnic lunch to the beach.  (Often we see critters like the ones below.) In short, life is pretty darn good. Continue reading


IMG_1580Eight days was not enough. It was great to get away and head to that high desert beside the front range known as Denver. My Colorado friends laughed and told me I must have brought the rain with me, because they “never have a whole week of rain.” It rained 5 of my 8 days in Colorado. The landscape was very green for this time of years, and we saw plenty of snow up on the mountains. No matter. With high temperatures in the 90s back in Florida, I was happy to soak in some highs in the 50s……even if they came with intermittent rain.

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Still Working on Patience


I always strive to have more of it. Those who remember me from my childhood may be shocked that I developed any patience. As a child I was diagnosed with ADHD and was a complete disaster in elementary school. Not only couldn’t I sit still or focus, but I couldn’t help but annoy my classmates. Oh, and my teachers. God bless them and their patience. To make matters worse, I always got really good grades… I didn’t see much need to sit in class and listen to my teachers. Continue reading