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Houses, Hurricanes, and Bull*hit


This week has been so crazy busy that I’m really glad I wasn’t trying to work a normal job. Then again, I’m always glad we don’t work “normal” jobs…..but the last few days have been just nuts. Leading the charge has been hurricane Irma. It is a large and powerful storm…..heading for south Florida…….but it isn’t expected to make land fall until Sunday morning. Would you believe that people started panicking on Monday. A full week before the storm. The panicking was so bad, and by which I mean the hoarding, that Walmart suspended it’s “order online pickup instore” feature. The company further said that on Tuesday and Wednesday they had leased 1,500 additional trucks, in order to ship goods to Florida from as far away as Las Vegas. Keep in mind that these are extra trucks…..on top of their normal distribution networks. (Personally I’m expecting a great top line number this quarter from them. You gotta sell while the customers are buying!). Continue reading

Family Time

FamilyRaceGiven that this update post is going live on a Saturday, you know we must have been up to something this week. Well yes, and no. We spent most of the week out in the woods, enjoying time as a family. It all started when Mrs. IS was offered an inexpensive continuing education opportunity, a few months back. A central topic of the training was self care and it was to take place at what is essentially a church camp, way out in the rural Florida woods. They host corporate retreats and various school groups, but the camp’s central focus is to be a church camp. She confirmed with the camp that she could bring the Little Man and I, and they said it wasn’t a problem. This is one of Mrs. IS’s favorite benefits of our flexible lifestyle. I always took the family along when I had conferences in interesting or fun areas, and now it was our turn to tag along with Mrs. IS. She had about 3 hours of sessions per day, and the rest of the day she was free to spend with us. Continue reading

Very Busy Update

Whew, what a week. Over the last few weeks I’ve mentioned that things have been a bit hectic…..and we’ve been very busy. First off, we sold our house last week…..and signed a short term apartment lease. While we are paying more on a monthly basis, the move freed up the capital that we had in our house as equity. Additionally, since only Mrs. IS has a traditional job…..and it doesn’t pay particularly well……we weren’t a good candidate to be approved for a mortgage on a new home while we still lived in our other home. The biggest reason for our move is to be closer to Mrs. IS’s dream job, where she is a community leader and organizer. It is interesting to me that we are considered risky borrowers despite the fact that we would be putting 20%-30% down on a new house and have zero debt (outside of the new mortgage). I suppose that’s just the face of lending in a post 2008/2009 world. Continue reading