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Still Working on Patience


I always strive to have more of it. Those who remember me from my childhood may be shocked that I developed any patience. As a child I was diagnosed with ADHD and was a complete disaster in elementary school. Not only couldn’t I sit still or focus, but I couldn’t help but annoy my classmates. Oh, and my teachers. God bless them and their patience. To make matters worse, I always got really good grades… I didn’t see much need to sit in class and listen to my teachers. Continue reading

Dumpster Diving

We don’t honestly know where the last couple weeks have gone, but in the blink of an eye they were gone. The reunion in Atlanta was outstanding, although the dynamic has changed substantially now that four of the original five students have married…..and have a total of seven children. Oh yeah, and one more baby on the way. Anyway, it was a good reunion. We dads entertained the kiddos and tried to keep each other sane, while the moms reconnected. Then we all switched. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again I’m sure, but I am in awe of single parents who hold it all together.  Also thrilled my family has so much flexibility.  Score! Continue reading

The Long Road I Took To Quit My Job and Live My Dream

Below is a guest post from Mike McNeil, blogger at The Dividend Guy Blog, you can follow him by subscribing to his free newsletter.

Not too long ago, Bryan wrote about his recent trip in North Carolina Mountains. Toward the end of his post, he discussed how important it is to focus on what matters to YOU and no one else. This part of the article resonated with me as this is exactly what we did a year ago; we dropped everything to live our dream: going on a 12 months RV road trip across North & Central America with our young family.

This is my family at the bottom of Cerro Negro where we were volcano boarding

This is my family at the bottom of Cerro Negro where we were volcano boarding

Continue reading