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5 Changes in Flexible Independence

It’s been a year since Mrs IS and I jumped off the deep end, into this thing called Flexible Independence. It has been an amusing and wild ride so far. We traveled for several months last year, and had a great time. We couldn’t afford to do so continuously, at least not with a margin of safety in the form of regular and consistent savings. In order for any lifestyle to feel sustainable to us, we need to regularly and consistently be saving for a rainy day. Rainy days come up for sure, and it’s good to have the resources to address them without being forced to sell your assets. Continue reading


Flexible Independence Update

Back from our latest trip, we are finally getting in the swing of things. While I miss the open road, especially since two contributors from my Travel Site are in Maine and Scotland right now, I think it’s probably good we are cooling our jets right now. (Pictures in this post are from Maine.) The Little Man is getting adjusted to attending a few hours per week of preschool, but there were some definite tears the first few days. (As an only child, we decided to socialize him for 6 hours per week.) Mrs. IS is getting settled into her new opportunity, and in my opinion she’s doing phenomenally. Feedback has been stellar as well. I wish she was working 20 hours per week instead of 45, but her schedule is very flexible and she loves her work. She can also work from home a good chunk of that time if she wants. Really, who can ask for more than a flexible schedule and working on projects that are both inspiring and fulfilling?! Isn’t that why we chased Flexible Independence in the first place?

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