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The Storm

Uprooted  Trees

Uprooted Trees

Where has the past week gone?! It was a wild week, but it turned out pretty well in the Tampa Bay area. Certainly, much better than it could have. The flood prone areas are still flooded, and the coastal areas lost a ton of trees….but this storm really threaded the needle. We evacuated over to Tampa, because the 40 year old….termite infested…..stick built….apartment we rent is no place to ride out a storm. Due to weak steering currents, the storm’s path shifted all over the state. Initially it was to hit Miami and then come up through the middle of the state. Then it was to hit Naples/Marco Island, and come up the west coast. Then it was to come ashore around Tampa/St Pete as a Cat 4. Did it do any of those things…, kinda….maybe. Ultimately it came ashore down around Marco and went up the middle of the state, before hooking west. (It’s a good thing that meteorologists aren’t required to be correct!). Continue reading

Skills Matter- Differentiate Yourself

IMG_1032The past 50 years have substantially changed the labor market, and employment prospects, for employees in the developed world. Automation and technology have reduced the number of employees needed to perform a specific task, by increasing the productivity each employee can achieve. The tremendous expansion, or I would suggest “bubble”, of organizations offering higher education have meant that college and professional degrees are available to more people than ever. In fact, I often laughed by butt off while briefly working in county government….because EVERYONE had masters degrees or PhDs. Seriously, both of the administrative assistants in the department I ran were working on post secondary degrees. One a masters degree and the other a doctorate. Three years later they have earned those degrees, but I would venture that neither is more employable as a result….. and they are earning essentially the same income……as before they received the degrees. Continue reading

A Rant and a Change

LunchIt has been a slow but satisfying week around our house, but I’d like to talk about a change coming to the blog. Most readers know that Mrs. IS and I are passionate about learning, and I am a voracious reader. One of the ways that I think we can bring added value to our readers, is to include links at the bottom of each post to articles we found particularly intriguing. While we read/research a ton of different topics, we’ll keep these links to articles that pertain to business/finance or real estate. Today’s post is the first featuring this new approach, and we look forward to your feedback in the coming months.

We haven’t made any interesting stock trades this week, but I expect one will materialize in the next two or three days. Last week’s trends in the dollar and precious metal space appear to be reversing, and I expect we will hit our limit order price in a few days. What I’d really like, is to have long term investment opportunities present themselves……but those seem as elusive as ever. No worries, we’ll continue to be patient. Continue reading