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Did We Just Buy a Dividend Stock?!

We began accumulating a position in a new dividend stock last week. I know, I’m still in shock myself. As global yields reach insanely low levels in 2016, and yield starved investors bid most dividend stocks to equally ridiculous prices, we sold the vast majority of our long term dividend stocks. Not all of those sales tied in with the Brexit high (or low depending on which security you are looking at), but in general it was a great time to unload. In fact, most of the stocks we sold are still selling at lower prices than those we enjoyed last year. I know that’s not the point, because most dividend investors are primarily focused on dividend income, but it is still something interesting to think about. With one rather glaring exception, we have not purchased any long term securities for a very long time. All we’ve been doing is trading around our few core positions, pulling out a few hundred dollars at a time, while waiting for better opportunities with the vast majority of our funds in cash. Continue reading

Update and Recent Buy

Wow it has been a busy week. Mrs. IS was gone for a while for continuing education. The whole family has been passing around a long lasting cold….which I am told is one of the joys of young children. The consulting work has been going well. The weather is starting to cool off a bit, if only just a bit. Speaking of the weather, Hurricane Matthew looks like it is going to whip up the east coast of Florida pretty good. Mrs IS and I have taken some time to reflect on what’s working, and what isn’t, over the past couple weeks. It looks like it’s time to do some tweaking to our dream life. Continue reading

Recent Buys

It’s no secret that precious metals, and especially the stock prices of the companies that mine them, have been on a tear this year. The spot price of gold for instance is up about 30% in the last 8 months, while the stock prices of many gold miners have gone up more than 200% this year. Unfortunately, my crystal ball was broken…..and I didn’t know about that run in advance. We have always maintained some exposure to hard assets, but over the past few years that allocation has not kept up with the growth in our portfolio. The hard asset we most prefer is farm land, but we also have some holdings in agricultural commodities and gold. Continue reading