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New Travels and Trades

We have been on the road exploring new towns with the Little Man, for the past week. We spent a few days tent camping in the Pisgah National Forest, outside Asheville, North Carolina. The forest was green and lush, and the trout streams were clear and cool. I need to figure out how to get back up there a couple more times before winter. The trout and my fly rod are calling.


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Road Trip and Weekly Reads

Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain. After one of the driest spring seasons I can remember, the rains arrived with June on the calendar. We are getting ready for a month on the road, so let it rain all it wants down here in Florida……though I apologize to the tourists! Sweltering summer weather combined with crowds of annoyed/tired tourists bring back nightmares from my childhood, and are also the reason I avoid the Orlando theme parks. No matter, it’s time to see some old friends and have some new experiences. Continue reading


One Week In

Home for a week

Home for a week

One week and 1,900 miles in…..and things are going well. We have been hanging out on the edge of the Rockies for a few days now. The weather is fantastic…..with lows in the 40s and highs in the 80s. Even the 20 minute rain shower, that arrives daily, seems to be timed perfectly for our need to rest. The last two days it has arrived while the Little Man napped, and Mrs IS and I were quietly reading. Ah, it’s like our bodies are perfectly in rhythm with mountain life. Coffee in a fleece, while watching the 6:10 sunrise. A late morning hike. Lunch on the deck in the sun. A couple hours of reading. A mid afternoon nap. Dinner with family and fantastic mountain sunsets. Yeah…..we are getting used to this :) Continue reading