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IMG_1580Eight days was not enough. It was great to get away and head to that high desert beside the front range known as Denver. My Colorado friends laughed and told me I must have brought the rain with me, because they “never have a whole week of rain.” It rained 5 of my 8 days in Colorado. The landscape was very green for this time of years, and we saw plenty of snow up on the mountains. No matter. With high temperatures in the 90s back in Florida, I was happy to soak in some highs in the 50s……even if they came with intermittent rain.

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Tempting Targets and Real Estate Purgatory

IMG_2932We are still running around like crazy, but the pace is less frantic this week than the past two. The home inspections took place this week. The fun thing there is that the results are loaded with catch-22s and it is not clear that we will be able to close without repairs. So I’m trying to get answers out of the sellers and lender. Preschool has resumed. I’m trying to wrap up some work before leaving for Start Up Week, next week. Fun surprise last night when I found out that Chris Guillebeau has an event/meetup/signing when I’m in Denver.  I’ll be there! Oh well. Busy, busy, busy. The only victim so far has been FinCon. Buying the new house and a personal matter have prompted me to cancel my FinCon trip. I’ve been looking forward to going for two years, but it appears that I’ll have to wait another year to attend. There is just too much going on this fall. Continue reading

Review-Dividend Stocks Rock

I am not a big fan of investment products and services. Typically I struggle to see the value in them, and I prefer to do my own research anyway. Throw in there the plethora of free services/resources/websites currently available, and I would be hard pressed to name a fee based service that I would recommend. That being said, if you are focused on long term dividend investing and use fee based resources, you may want to give Dividend Stocks Rock a shot. (I should point out that we are not being paid/compensated in any way for this review.) Continue reading