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Real Estate Update and Reads

ReadingNo, we didn’t purchase a house. That would have made Ms. IS a very happy woman, but it hasn’t happened yet.  Instead we’re out boating today, enjoying a break in the rain.  A couple other developments have been progressing on the real estate front, however. First off, I’m excited to have scheduled a time to meet my Atlanta mall client next month……when we’re up that way for Ms. IS’s reunion. It’s great I can kill two birds with one stone. While the resulting efficiency makes economic sense, it is also important because I want to make sure I’m part of the next phase of the renovations and expansion. The best way to guarantee that happens comes in the form of some extra “face time” and a little extra time on site. Fingers crossed for a signed contract by Labor Day. Continue reading

North Carolina Mountains

IMG_2826You guessed it, we’re off on another adventure. This is the tail end of our month long road trip. This week however, we’re spending a week bonding as a family on the North Carolina-Tennessee line. This trip came about in an odd way, but there is lots to like about it. Even more important, it should remind all to be open to new or unusual opportunities. Our pursuit of Flexible Independence has allowed us to capitalize on some unique opportunities, and we haven’t regretted any of them. In this case, some outstanding kids in our congregation needed a ride to camp…..and by taking them we get a week in beautiful western North Carolina. Sure, we need to pay for our accommodations…..and I consider $180 per week super cheap for a family of three. That includes food and lodging for all of us, in an outstanding lodge. This place feels like a corporate retreat center, but I don’t mind because the views and hiking are outstanding. We splurged on another $65 so Ms. IS could enjoy a few other activities….. like a day of white water rafting….. but come on. That makes for a super efficient week. Wi-fi also allows me and Ms. IS to complete some of our usual activities remotely. Anyone in our congregation could have signed up for this trip, but I feel really blessed that we are in a place where we could participate. (Twitter users can follow many of the pictures @IncomeSurf) Continue reading

Changes Are Coming


Does anyone else get the feeling that central banks around the world have absolutely no idea what to do? Or perhaps they do know what they should be doing, but lack the gumption to do so. The last year of action by central banks, and especially the US Federal Reserve, is about as painful to watch as Donald Trump sabotaging his presidential bid. Earlier this year, just like in 2015, the Fed rattled markets by saying that they were going to raise interest rates several times in the next few months……only to end up conceding that the data was “too weak”. In 2015, the Fed only raised interest rates 0.25%…….after initially mentioning the need for “several” raises. In much the same fashion, 2016 started out with Fed members discussing the need for four rate raises during the year. Then the poor data started pouring in again, and they said they would remain accommodative. It appears that the game plan from Chairperson Yellen and Vice Chair Fischer is to reduce complacency in global markets. That is a noble goal, especially given the astronomical amount of complacency in the US equity and global debt markets. Continue reading