Silly Sellers and the Buyers They Lose

(Cue the Britney Spears music). Yep, we did it again. We terminated the contract on the house we were buying. You may remember that last spring we also walked away from the contract to purchase a home, but that time it wasn’t the sellers that were the problem……it was their attorney. Yes the attorney worked for the sellers, but I never could convince them of that. (Click HERE if you want to read that little tale.) We’ve been looking, and will continue to look for a house, but we are pretty damn particular. For one, housing prices have run up tremendously in our part of Florida. Second, we’ve identified our ideal neighborhood…..but not wanting an enormous house with a pool…..leaves a relatively small number of potential homes. Three, we don’t want to saddle ourselves with debt…..and thereby lose what Flexible Independence we enjoy. Speaking of which, I am publishing today from Denver’s Startup Week. This morning’s panel on “What’s New in Tech”, still has my head spinning. AR/VR, Robotics, AI/ML, and Blockchain was all covered…..and the discussion made me realize that predicting the long term implications of these technologies is really tough. (Sigh) Continue reading

Tempting Targets and Real Estate Purgatory

IMG_2932We are still running around like crazy, but the pace is less frantic this week than the past two. The home inspections took place this week. The fun thing there is that the results are loaded with catch-22s and it is not clear that we will be able to close without repairs. So I’m trying to get answers out of the sellers and lender. Preschool has resumed. I’m trying to wrap up some work before leaving for Start Up Week, next week. Fun surprise last night when I found out that Chris Guillebeau has an event/meetup/signing when I’m in Denver.  I’ll be there! Oh well. Busy, busy, busy. The only victim so far has been FinCon. Buying the new house and a personal matter have prompted me to cancel my FinCon trip. I’ve been looking forward to going for two years, but it appears that I’ll have to wait another year to attend. There is just too much going on this fall. Continue reading

The Storm

Uprooted  Trees

Uprooted Trees

Where has the past week gone?! It was a wild week, but it turned out pretty well in the Tampa Bay area. Certainly, much better than it could have. The flood prone areas are still flooded, and the coastal areas lost a ton of trees….but this storm really threaded the needle. We evacuated over to Tampa, because the 40 year old….termite infested…..stick built….apartment we rent is no place to ride out a storm. Due to weak steering currents, the storm’s path shifted all over the state. Initially it was to hit Miami and then come up through the middle of the state. Then it was to hit Naples/Marco Island, and come up the west coast. Then it was to come ashore around Tampa/St Pete as a Cat 4. Did it do any of those things…, kinda….maybe. Ultimately it came ashore down around Marco and went up the middle of the state, before hooking west. (It’s a good thing that meteorologists aren’t required to be correct!). Continue reading