Skills Matter- Differentiate Yourself

IMG_1032The past 50 years have substantially changed the labor market, and employment prospects, for employees in the developed world. Automation and technology have reduced the number of employees needed to perform a specific task, by increasing the productivity each employee can achieve. The tremendous expansion, or I would suggest “bubble”, of organizations offering higher education have meant that college and professional degrees are available to more people than ever. In fact, I often laughed by butt off while briefly working in county government….because EVERYONE had masters degrees or PhDs. Seriously, both of the administrative assistants in the department I ran were working on post secondary degrees. One a masters degree and the other a doctorate. Three years later they have earned those degrees, but I would venture that neither is more employable as a result….. and they are earning essentially the same income……as before they received the degrees. Continue reading

New Travels and Trades

We have been on the road exploring new towns with the Little Man, for the past week. We spent a few days tent camping in the Pisgah National Forest, outside Asheville, North Carolina. The forest was green and lush, and the trout streams were clear and cool. I need to figure out how to get back up there a couple more times before winter. The trout and my fly rod are calling.


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Road Trip and Weekly Reads

Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain. After one of the driest spring seasons I can remember, the rains arrived with June on the calendar. We are getting ready for a month on the road, so let it rain all it wants down here in Florida……though I apologize to the tourists! Sweltering summer weather combined with crowds of annoyed/tired tourists bring back nightmares from my childhood, and are also the reason I avoid the Orlando theme parks. No matter, it’s time to see some old friends and have some new experiences. Continue reading