Dumpster Diving

We don’t honestly know where the last couple weeks have gone, but in the blink of an eye they were gone. The reunion in Atlanta was outstanding, although the dynamic has changed substantially now that four of the original five students have married…..and have a total of seven children. Oh yeah, and one more baby on the way. Anyway, it was a good reunion. We dads entertained the kiddos and tried to keep each other sane, while the moms reconnected. Then we all switched. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again I’m sure, but I am in awe of single parents who hold it all together.  Also thrilled my family has so much flexibility.  Score! Continue reading

Three Quick Money Saving Ideas

IMG_2222Greetings from hot and balmy Florida. We’re getting ready to head off to a reunion with college friends for a week, but wanted to share some fun ways to save a few bucks first. Most of us worked hard for our money, and want to be intentional about how we spend it. This post is not about “what” you should spend your money on, or why you should save instead of spending. That would be ridiculous, because we’re all different and each have our own goals and priorities. We should spend our money on whatever matters to each of us. Some expenses/costs are nearly universal in our modern lives, so we might as well minimize those costs. With that in mind, below are three ways the Income Surfer family tries to maintain our frugal ways. Continue reading

Real Estate Update and Reads

ReadingNo, we didn’t purchase a house. That would have made Ms. IS a very happy woman, but it hasn’t happened yet.  Instead we’re out boating today, enjoying a break in the rain.  A couple other developments have been progressing on the real estate front, however. First off, I’m excited to have scheduled a time to meet my Atlanta mall client next month……when we’re up that way for Ms. IS’s reunion. It’s great I can kill two birds with one stone. While the resulting efficiency makes economic sense, it is also important because I want to make sure I’m part of the next phase of the renovations and expansion. The best way to guarantee that happens comes in the form of some extra “face time” and a little extra time on site. Fingers crossed for a signed contract by Labor Day. Continue reading